The Pepper Peddler in the News

How does the delivery service work?

The Pepper Peddler roasts coffee each week in small, controlled batches. We sample all roasts prior to release to insure quality. We then deliver the whole bean coffee via bicycle to our customers' doorsteps Thursday morning, fresh for the weekend.

How much does it cost?

Whole-bean coffee comes delivered to your door in a mason jar for $7 (pint-sized) or $13 (quart-sized) per delivery . You can have coffee delivered weekly, every-other week, or even just once a month.

How does the reusable jar program work?

The Pepper Peddler fills all our Davis customer orders in reusable glass jars. In order to make this work we charge a $2.00 deposit for jar. Empty jars may be placed out each week (Thursday morning) for exchange or pickup. At the end of each billing cycle customers may be charged for outstanding jar balances. Jars may be returned at any time and credits will be accredited to your customer account.

How do the doorstep boxes work?

When you sign up for a coffee subscription we will provide you with a small wooden box, a lot like the milk man of days past. Many customers leave the box on their doorstep, while some bring them in. Whatever you prefer just remember to place it outside each Thursday morning with your empty jars and any payments or plan change notes so that we can swap it all out for a new jar of freshly roasted coffee.

How do I pay?

The Pepper Peddler invoices in four week cycles, delivered with the first jar of coffee for the period. We use reusable invoices so please try to help them last as long as possible and return them to us by mail or included with check in your doorstep box the following Thursday.

How do I put a hold on my subscription when I leave town?

If you are leaving town or have too much coffee and would like to put a temporary hold on your coffee delivery, simply visit the Vacation Hold page under Current Customers. Please place holds prior to noon on the Tuesday before delivery.

How do I change my order size, roast type, and/or frequency of delivery?

If, at any time, you would like to change your subscription size, roast type, and/or frequency of deliver visit the Plan Change page of our website under Current Customers. Again, please make changes prior to noon on the Tuesday before delivery.

How often am I supposed to receive an invoice?

Invoices are sent out every four weeks and are included with the first jar of coffee for the period. This means that if you are signed up for weekly delivery after receiving your invoice and first jar of coffee you should expect fresh coffee on your doorstep each week for the following three weeks. The fifth jar of coffee will be bundled up with another invoice and so forth.