About Us

Sustainability is a choice we make with every dollar we spend as a consumer and as a business. The Pepper Peddler chooses to support sustainability, both locally and globally. Here are some ways that we are choosing to make a difference for the future.

Pedal Power Roasting:

Tumbling large quantities of coffee beans during roasting requires a lot of energy, usually in the form of electric motors.
We use a bike.

Pedal Powered Delivery:

Product distribution requires significant fuel consumption and generates gross emissions. We use a bike.

Fair Trade Organic Beans:

Historic and current practices of the coffee industry have detrimental effects on the environment, economies,
and communities. We roast only fair trade organic beans.

Reusable Jars, and Labels:

Landfills are overfilled with disposable products, yet products continue to be packaged with excess packaging.
We reuse our jars and labels.